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With 34,450+ schools and over 250,000 monthly visitors, is the Top Martial Arts Directory and Dojo Finder. It is free to list a school with Any type of Martial Arts School, club or gym can be listed. Whether you are the Owner, Instructor, Manager, Web Master, Student or even a volunteer, you may list a school. Click here to get started, or continue reading the benefits of having your school listed with

Over 250,000 users/visitors come to looking for Martial Arts Schools each month. These are individuals looking to enroll in a Martial Arts School. In other words, potential students.

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Each State, City, County and Zip code in the USA has their own pages on Your school is displayed on it's City, County, Zip and nearby Zip code pages. Visitors can also search by their home address and look up schools around them. When they are searching for specific Martial Arts Style and only few schools are offering it nearby, will go up to a 100 Miles to locate schools that offer the Styles being searched.

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When someone finds a Martial Arts school they are interested in, they can view Program details, address and map of the location, get driving directions, send the info to a friend or family and contact the school directly from

Everyday, Dojo Locator drives over a thousand visitors to listed Dojo Websites. Several schools are contacted through everyday.

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Most of our visitors come through the leading Search Engines. is highly recognized as Internet's top Dojo Directory, and it often appears at the first position for important terms like: Dojo Finder, Dojo Search, Find Martial Arts, Find Dojo, Dojo Directory etc.

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If you have a Website, helps you promote it by providing a link to your Website. Dojo Locator also allows you to add an Introduction to your school and link to specific pages on your Website (known as deep linking). This improves your Search Engine ranking.

If you do not have a Website yet, can act as one! Dojo Locator provides five Pages for each school:

  1. School Detail Page featuring School's Name, Address, Introduction, Style Information, Class Schedule and more.
  2. Location Map Page showing an interactive Map of your school's location.
  3. Driving Directions Page providing step by step driving directions to your school.
  4. Contact Page where dojo locator visitors can contact you with questions 24x7.
  5. Reviews Page that shows Rating and Reviews of your school.

All these pages under a short and easy to remember address like:

You can use this as the Website of your school! In fact, there are many Martial Arts Schools that do not have enough resources to maintain their own Website, and use their listing page on as their Website while promoting their school.

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